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About Us

Theater makers, Nia Barge and A'Leighsha Butler, have worked diligently with young people in local communities in DC, Maryland and VA using the arts to empower and enact social change. In 2010, the longtime friends moved to London, England to earn Master’s degrees in Theatre from the University of London, Goldsmiths College.


After studying and producing work in London, England for three years, the creative partners developed an idea for an exciting new way people could experience theater. They decided the best place to launch was back on American soil, in their hometown of Washington, DC. 


In December 2013, Nameless was born. 


The mission of Nameless is to reinvent the way people engage with theater, by focusing on the most important element - the audience. The company produces work that can exist freely outside the proverbial box, by creating art unconfined by traditional theater spaces and artistic norms. Nameless believes that theater should be accessible to all audiences and we specifically target the non-traditional theater goers. Nameless does not aim to provide audiences with a great show, rather an unforgettable experience.

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