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Everyone's a Suspect...Even You!



Nameless proudly presents, Death at the Prom, a murder mystery Happy Hour Theater production that catapults audiences from their seats and into the zany world of the show. Attendees will gather clues, question suspects and bring the murderer to justice - all while dancing the night away at the prom!


Show Dates: 

April 16th, 23rd, & 30th

Doors open at 6pm. No entrance after 7pm. 



Andrew Quilpa, Alexis Graves

Terry Loveman, Tia Dae

Rachel Caywood, Adrian Iglesias

Christopher Akinbuwa


Prom attire is encouraged! Prizes will be given to the best dressed audience member. Drink and food specials available.






It’s the moment Green Meadow High students have been waiting their entire high school careers for - prom night! But before students can learn who has won the coveted Prom King & Queen crown, the elegant night takes a deadly turn. With tensions running high, it is up to Mr. Franklin, a timid History teacher, to muster the courage to catch a killer.

   Directed by                                                                                       Written by 

Nia M. Barge                                                A'Leighsha C. Butler

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