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February 2014

Written By

A'Leighsha C. Butler

Directed By

Nia M. Barge






Bethany Geraghty

Jarvis Smith 

Marlena Holman 

Trey Blackburn

 Alicia Brayboy


The Off Off Broadway Premiere


Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival

Roy Arias Studio & Theatre

300 W 43rd St,

Times Square New York, NY 10036



Theodora Perkins, an extremely driven and successful attorney has rarely suffered defeat. When her husband of 19 years grows ill, she enters a battle she is unwilling to lose. While she prays that their lifetime of memories are strong enough to keep them tied together, there is one memory that she hopes her beloved will forget forever. A memory that distorts a picture Theodora once saw so clearly in black and white. As their happily ever after fades with each day, she begins to wonder - does the heart remember that which the mind forgets?




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