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"where you get a show with your shot"



Theater is one of the oldest forms of entertainment, but what place does the art form have in a time saturated with reality television, 3D and handheld devices?


Mainstream audiences seek amusement that is quick, convenient and affordable. With steep ticket prices and 2-3 hour long productions, the aforementioned aren’t typical characteristics of theater productions. However, theater can compete in today’s digital age, as long as theater makers find innovative ways to attract audiences.


Nameless has found such a way.


The company is proud to launch their new series, “Happy Hour Theater” (HHT). HHT is a new after-work event where patrons are invited to experience theater in an unconventional way, during the familiar setting of ʻhappy hour’. In addition to enjoying drink and food specials, attendees will also benefit from a quality theater experience at an affordable price.

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