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Last Call


Written by

A'Leighsha C. Butler

Directed by

Nia M. Barge






"Mike's Place", a small long-standing bar and unofficial DC landmark, struggles to maintain its roots in a neighborhood in the midst of great change. As condos rise, tensions swell amongst old and new residents. Suddenly, a horrible crime is committed just a few blocks away, making everyone in the bar a suspect. As accusations fly, the feuding neighbors are forced to come together in attempt to solve the unsettling mystery. Will they be able to uncover the truth before last call?









"...A show that is innovative, in-your-face, and funny as hell. 

Five Stars!"


DC Metro Theater Arts

"...this cleverly written play allows all voices in the matter to be heard with authentic happenings and continuous comedic relief that’s light hearted yet thought provoking."


Urban Scrawl DC


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